My book features explicit scenes, is that okay?

Yes. We do, however, have some content guidelines. You can read them here.

What are your podcasts about?

We produce three podcasts to showcase and promote audiobooks. Each one features a first chapter of an audiobook. The podcasts cover three genres: First in Fantasy (fantasy), First in Scifi (science fiction), and First Date With… (romance).

We produce the Conan And Friends podcast for Broadsword Books, which is one of the top 200 science fiction and fantasy podcasts in the United States for Apple Podcasts. We expect our First… podcasts to do even better.

Where will you distribute the podcasts?

Podcasts are sent to every major and many other podcast distributors throughout the world. 

Can I host the podcast with my audiobook chapter on my site?

You sure can!

My audiobook came out a long time ago, can I still promote it?

Yes, you can. We aim to showcase both old and new audiobooks. 

I have multiple audiobooks. Can I submit all of them? 

You can, but we may contact you about releasing the podcast episodes over a longer period of time. 

I’m a small publisher that has audiobooks, can I send my catalog to you?

If you hold the rights to publish the audiobook, you can submit to us. 

Can I advertise on your podcasts?

Not at this time.

Do you accept audiobooks produced using AI voices?

We will accept AI voiced chapters if the quality is good. We reserve the right to reject a submission if the content doesn’t meet our standards, however. 

This is free. How are you making money?

We will eventually charge for promotion within our podcasts, either with featured chapters, advertising, or similar. 

I have a thriller/mystery/horror/other audiobook. Will you be creating a podcast for my genre soon?

We do plan on launching more podcasts, but not until the latter half of 2024. Stay tuned!

Who’s behind the First In Podcasts?

Writers and technologists that want to make the extraordinary power of audio reachable by more writers.

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