All of the following first chapters are taken directly from our output and not edited, mixed, mastered, or changed in any way.

Solomon Kane by Robert E. Howard (fantasy)

Chapter One: The Coming of Solomon
Voice: Larry (Narrative)
Optimizations: None
Obvious errors: None (Accuracy: 100%)

Thursday by Jake Kerr (science fiction)

Chapter One
Voice: Alphonsa
Optimizations: Acronym letters split, hyphens removed, paragraphs split for pauses, two uses of phonetic spelling
Obvious errors: One paragraph with repeated words. One paragraph with the wrong voice. One paragraph with a name pronounced inconsistently. One paragraph with distorted audio. (4/39 paragraphs with errors, Accuracy: 90%)

My Stepbrother’s Promise by Anne Burroughs (romance)

Chapter One: Katie
Voice: Ayla (Narrative)
Optimizations: Capitalization for emphasis, one use of phonetic spelling
Obvious errors: Two paragraphs with a skipped sentence. One paragraph with a repeated sentence. (3/33 paragraphs with errors, Accuracy: 91%)

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